Thursday, October 13, 2011

36w 1d NST & more

Update from my NST today...

Little Bird is still doing good. I'm still having contractions. I didn't notice any this morning before the test but once there and laying on the bed while hooked up to the monitor I felt at least 3 or 4 contractions. One of which was pretty strong. The nurse made me wait for the doctor to get back and take a look at my print out. Dr. Washington said I was good to go but if they got stronger and I was feeling 5 or more in an hour to go into labor and delivery over the weekend. If not, she would see me next week at my appointment.

On my back to work I did feel one more good contraction but since then they haven't been that bad. I'm not sure if it is because of the way I'm sitting or what. Little Bird is definitely low as it feels like she is weighing me down.

Today is my step-mom's birthday so I'm sure she would be ecstatic if I went into labor today. I spoke with my dad and her earlier since they are trying to determine when they will leave to come down from Ohio. He was hoping to get off of work when I go into labor but it looks like he has to wait until Sunday to take a weeks vacation. If I go into labor on a Mon or Wed he won't be able to leave until the following Sunday. I know he is disappointed that he might not make it for her delivery but glad he will be down here to see her either way.

I really don't think I will go into labor until next week sometime. My next appointment is on Tues the 18th which will be Brinley's 14 month angelversary. It will also be a day before I hit 37 weeks. I lost Brinley at 37w 2d so my emotions have already been pretty high. In a way I want to make it past my milestone to prove that I can but on the other hand I just want Little Bird here now while I know she is still alive. I feel like I must warn her of the upcoming danger she might face while in my uterus. I want so desperately to bring my baby home this time.

On a lighter note I have started working on a rainbow colored mobile for her baby room. I'll be sure to upload some pictures once I finish it. This is my weekend project while my husband and step-daughter head to Columbia for the State Fair. I told him I wasn't going because it is a 2 1/2 hour drive from my home and hospital. I didn't want to chance going into labor while out of town so I'm letting him go without me. My mom, sister, and doula will all be in town so I don't feel so alone plus he will only be 2 1/2 hours away if I do go into labor, he can just drive back.

Well I hope he doesn't have to but if he does he better bring me some deep fried oreos!! lol Sorry I'm missing out on all the state fair food this year but next year we will hopefully be taking our 1 year old daughter with us.