Thursday, October 6, 2011

35w 1d Suprise Contractions

Left side is LB's heartbeat.
Right side are my contractions.
Today was my second NST for the week. While there I told the nurse about some symptoms I was having yesterday that I thought were contractions. I had a low back ache with goosebumps then a flushed feeling. It last about a minute or so then would go away. This happened 3 different times so she said she would have a doctor visit me. After hooking me up to the NST monitor she left for about 15 minutes.

When she came back she asked if I could feel those contractions. I told her that I could because while laying there I noticed twice that I was having a cramping feeling along with that flushed feeling again. I asked her how many contractions I had because I only felt that twice and she said about four or five contractions!! I didn't even feel all of them.

The doctor came in and checked my cervix which she said was still posterior which means that it is still towards the back. I also was not dilated or showing any progress down there. So they told me if I noticed any changes or felt different to call them over the weekend. I also went ahead and got the flu shot while I was there today in hopes that it will help protect Little Bird from getting the flu during her first 6 months of life. My next appointment is Monday.

FYI: We are requesting that all family and friends that wish to have contact with her get their flu shots and whooping cough (pertussis) vaccines asap. We have already had one loss and want to take every precaution necessary to prevent something happening to our little girl. I just don't know if I could bear losing another baby.