Monday, October 10, 2011

35w 5d Dr Appt & NST

Scheduled my doctor appointment for first thing in the morning thinking that hubby would be able to go but he couldn't. Luckily my sister didn't have to work so she was able to go with me. I'm getting very anxious as my milestone approaches next week. My last appointment with Brinley, the one where I found out she no longer had a heartbeat, was at 4:30 in the afternoon so I like to try and schedule my appointments in the morning now so I can get it over with and know that everything is alright with Little Bird.

The office is pretty slow first thing in the morning so I can get right in and not have to wait long. So today the NST was still picking up contractions about 6-7 minutes apart while I was hooked up. Little Bird passed just fine so she is doing good. As I sit here and type this she has the hiccups. :-)

They tested me for Group B Strep this appointment so I should find out those results later this week. If I have it that just means they have to give me antibiotics at the hospital to keep it from going to the baby.

Met with the midwife today, Dr. Hardin, she went ahead and checked my cervix again and said I felt dilated about 1cm and it was starting to soften!! So I am finally showing some progress from these contractions.

My stats...

  • Weight - 217lbs
  • BP - 103/60
  • Fundas Height - 36cm
My next appointment is Thursday for another NST. The lady at the front desk made my next doctor appointment for Tuesday the 18th next week in the afternoon. :-( The 18th will be Brinley's 14 month angelversary, the day before my 37 week mark (I lost Brinley at 37w 2d), and my appointment is in the afternoon what I just said today I didn't want to do.... Hoping I feel great over the next week and that Little Bird keeps moving, moving, moving..

I asked her about making my NST for that following Thursday and she said "Let's just see if you make it that far."

We got the baby room painted and somewhat put back together this weekend.

 I still need to get a picture of the finished product. We have some pictures to hang on the walls. I also want to get a dresser and chair for the room but after that it should be completed and ready for my rainbow girl.

My back has been super sore the past few days I'm guessing from the contractions. I'm looking forward to getting a massage from hubby and a hot shower this afternoon. I'm also going to do some stretching to see if that helps. It is time to help this labor progress.