Wednesday, October 5, 2011

35 weeks

Well I'm here. I made it to 35 weeks and from now until I reach 39 weeks if I go into labor my doctor will not be stopping it. If I haven't went into labor by 39 weeks then she will be able to induce me. I'm hoping to go into labor on my own so I will be trying to get that started over the next few weeks. Maybe not this week but definitely will be trying starting next week. I have to get the baby room finished this week, pack my bags for the hospital, pick out a going home outfit for her, and make sure I have everything I need before she comes home. Although today I have been having an achy feeling in my lower back that comes and goes along with goosebumps and feeling flushed all over. It has only happened like 3 times this morning but it may be the beginning of labor contractions...I'll keep you updated.

This past weekend I had my baby shower which was a complete success! I had so many friends come and we had a great time. My mom did a wonderful job with decorations and games. I think everyone had a really good time. My cake was beautiful and so yummy!

My rainbow cake for Little Bird with
rainbow colored cloud cupcakes
The cake had rainbow colored layers in it!
Here is an idea of how many people came.
There are more to the right side of the picture and
probably some in the kitchen not in this picture.
One of Little Bird's many cute outfits.

We were playing a game of hide the
baby safety pin from Heather.

My mom made this ridiculous hat for me to wear.
It only lasted as long as this picture. I wore a headband with a
butterfly on it and it was covering it up so the hat didn't stay long. lol

This week Little Bird is supposed to weigh as much as a Honeydew Melon which is 5 1/4 pounds. Most of her physical development is complete so she is just packing on the weight from here until she is born. Of course her lungs are still developing but she will be fine if she is born now.

We bought paint for the baby room this past Sunday and I'm looking forward to getting that done this coming weekend. I will be taping the baby room tonight and probably Friday so that Mark can paint. I love the color we bought. Here is a picture that I based it off of.

Isn't that teal color just lovely? So light and refreshing, plus I think it will be good if our next baby is a boy. It is still hard for me to believe I will be bringing this baby home but I'm letting myself hope.