Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cardiologist appointment 9-9-11

Had an appointment with the cardiologist last Friday because of my heart palpitations. I'm very happy with the nurses and doctor there. They were very nice and took the time to listen to my concerns. I feel confident that they will do all that is possible to figure out if these palpitations are something to worry about or not. I was given a 24 hour heart monitor to wear which I have to drop back off on Monday.

Me at 30 weeks
They also set me up to get an echo cardiogram done next Thursday and to have my thyroid checked. While he was checking my heart in the office he did say I have a little heart murmur but that was to be expected while pregnant. All of these tests should show whether my heart problems are something to worry about or not. I go back in 2 weeks for a follow up and to find out the results from all the tests. I'm hoping that it is nothing more than normal pregnancy stuff but I don't want to take any chances and talking with Dr. Freedman made me feel confident that that is what they are going to help me figure out.

So I have a busy week ahead of me with doctor appointments and blood work to be done. I've also got a meeting with Ashley my doula (Bodhi Tree Birth Services) to discuss my loss of Brinley and how that has affected me. We are going for our maternity pictures next Friday which was so generously donated by a friend of mine that does photography professionally, Myztic Photos go check out their Facebook Page Here.

Today we are celebrating many birthdays within my family from the months of July - September. Alec (step-daughter), Jaime (big sister), Scott (brother-in-law), Brinley (stillborn daughter), Melanie (mother), Summer (niece), Mark (hubby), and Ryan (little brother) so that is 8 people total.

I want to end with saying that I wish peace for all those families that lost loved ones 10 years ago. <3