Monday, September 26, 2011

3D ultrasound & Non-stress test 33w 5d

Last Friday was my follow up appointment with the cardiologist. Basically from the results I listed before he decided it was best to just not do anything right now about the heart palpitations. From my 24hr heart monitor he said that the highest my heart rate got was 145bpm at about 7pm on the first day I had it on. I didn't have anything written down on my journal I was supposed to write about what I was doing while wearing it. I believe we were walking around the Beach Babies Kidsale at that time so that is why it was so high. Other than that he didn't see anything to worry about. I have a follow up appointment in December after I have Little Bird to see if I'm still having the palpitations. 

Saturday I had my 3D ultrasound in the morning. We had actually come across a yard sale the week before that the ultrasound technician was having and bought a couple Care Bears from her. She found some more and brought them to the ultrasound for me so not only did I leave with some great pictures but I also got a couple of Care Bears for Little Bird.
 Here are some of my favorites from the ultrasound....

Saturday evening I went to my first baby shower since having Brinley last year. It was for a friend of mine from high school. She is due Oct 27th so just a few weeks ahead of me. It was fun to see her and her sister again. Ended up being 5 of us that were pregnant at the baby shower which was kind of funny. It was also kind of hard because of my past experience with losing Brinley. I didn't want to scare this one girl with my "horror" story of Brinley's birth. She was pregnant with her first and had mentioned that she has heard lots of bad stories about birth. I thought to my self well I'm sure you haven't heard nothing yet.....

Over all it was a fun time. I can't wait for my baby shower which is this coming up Saturday.

Me all hooked up with clicker in hand
Today is yet another Monday and another doctor appointment. I only had a non-stress test scheduled for today. I got there at 10am and they took me back to hook me up about 10:20. After she hooked me up and left it was probably 10 minutes before I noticed there wasn't any paper in the machine. :-\ I was hooked up to the machine and there by myself so I called the front desk to let them know. After they came back in and replaced the paper it was another hour and a half before they came in to check on me!!

NST paper
I was so uncomfortable, had to pee again, and was ready to get some lunch. It was 12:20pm before I got out of the doctor's office. I thought I would have been out of their quicker because I wasn't meeting with a doctor but boy was I wrong. I was very aggravated to say the least. I had to get back to work and they just left me sitting in there because they got busy with other appointments.

Little Bird passed the test no problem. She did fall asleep and the nurse had to buzz her to get her moving again after they changed out the paper. It was like a little vibrator thing they push on your stomach for a second to wake the baby. I was thinking I'd like to go home with one of those! lol

So Friday is my first appointment with a pediatrician. I'm going to interview them to see if they are who I want to use for Little Bird. I will probably go with this pediatrician because I have heard great things about him. He is the same one my sister uses for her kids too. I have another appointment on Monday with a different one who I've also heard great things about so we will have to see. This is something else I never did for Brinley. I was just going to use whoever was working that night then find a pediatrician after I had her but I never got to do that.... I guess it was better that way, one less person to call and give the bad news too. 

Not wanting to close on a bad note...

The ultrasound technician, Jackie, did say that Little Bird is going to have a head full of hair. Here is another picture that shows her ear (right) along with her hair (left) which is hard to tell if you don't know what you are looking at but it should look lumpy where the hair is.