Tuesday, September 13, 2011

31 week checkup

Yesterday I went for blood work to check my thyroid which came back normal. I also went to drop off my 24hr heart monitor. I won't have those results probably until Thursday or next week sometime.

I had my weekly check-up and non-stress test. My blood pressure was in the normal range, I can never remember those numbers..., my weight was about 213lbs, and my urine came back fine. Little Bird passed the non-stess test with flying colors. As soon as they hooked me up to the monitors she was moving like crazy which is part of the test so that was awesome. Lastly I measured at about 32-33 cm which is good.

I was supposed to meet with the new doctor but she went into labor and delivered her baby so I guess she will be out for the next few weeks. I have yet to meet her but hear great things about her. She may be back to work before I have this little girl.

Twice a year here there is a big kids consignment sale called Beach Babies Kidsale and it is going on this week. Actually tomorrow is the last day for the sale when everything goes on sale for half price. We went the first day and bought a changing table, baby carrier, shopping cart cover, and pop out bed. Now the only thing I still want to get is a chair for breastfeeding in and the baby room furniture will be complete.

Here is our changing table.
Baby Bjorn carrier

Can't wait to get started on the painting of the room so I can finish putting it all together. Maybe this weekend we can get started on that.