Thursday, September 8, 2011

31 weeks

Yesterday I hit the 31 week mark! I'm at the end of my 7th month being pregnant now. This week Little Bird is about 16 inches long and weighs just over 3lbs. She has been moving up a storm. I'm getting less sleep these days so I'm finding that I'm tired throughout the day. I've also noticed a few Braxton Hicks contractions here and there.

I had a doctor appointment yesterday on my hubby's birthday. They hooked me up to do a non-stress test which is where they hook a heartbeat monitor and contractions monitor up to my belly to monitor the baby. They give me a clicker that I click every time I feel her move so they can check whether her heartbeat goes up or down when she is moving or if I am having a contraction. They want the heartbeat to go up during those times so we know she isn't under stress. She passed the NST with flying colors! She is doing great.

The doctor said that my protein test from the hospital showed my protein at 274 and anything over 300 is high. So having a protein over 300 and a high blood pressure, anything over 140/90, means that you have preeclampsia. I don't have either but they are keeping a closer eye on me to be sure. My blood pressure at the appointment was 103/70 so it was good. She told me to let them know if I am seeing spots, notice swelling in my face or hands, or have pain in the top right side of my belly. These are all signs of pre-e. Also my weight was 213lbs.

Dr. Washington also wants me to come in once a week from here on out. My next appointment is Tue Sep 13th at 9:15am which is my brother's birthday.  I'm not sure if she is going to have me doing the NST every week yet or if she still wants to wait until I'm a couple more weeks along. She did say that right now we are trying to get me to 35 weeks with no problems then if something does come up they can go ahead and induce me. So essentially I could be having this baby in another 4 weeks! I've got a lot of work to do at the house to get ready for Little Bird if that is the case.

Over all it was a good appointment. My doula, Ashley Sullivan, was able to come to my appointment with me. It was good for her to meet my doctor and explain what her role will be at the birth. We then went over to Tropical Smoothie and chatted for a while. I enjoyed talking with her.

I'm looking forward to being able to hold my little girl and bring her home. As I'm sitting here typing this she is moving around. I imagine her playing with her umbilical cord or doing somersaults while she is still floating around weightless. <3