Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Glucose Screening = Fail

Well I failed the glucose screening test last Friday. They said if my glucose numbers were higher than 130 that is considered too high and you have to go take the 3hr test. My level was 142 so I go Aug 24th at 8am to take the 3hr test. I have to fast starting at midnight the night before then they will give me a sugary drink to drink and test my blood once every hour for 3 hours. I will have to stay at the office while I do all of this. If I fail this test it means I have gestational diabetes. I will have to make sure I'm eating a healthy diet and get more exercise to keep it under control. If that doesn't work then I will have to take medicine.

Also my iron was 10.2 which was a little low so I have to take an iron supplement twice a day. My blood pressure was 115/62 which is really good.

I've been having a lot of headaches which I will mention again when I go back next week along with the heart palpitations.

One last thing is that I had a nose bleed at work the other day during the all college meeting. Since I was sitting in the front row I had to walk past everyone holding my bleeding nose to go to the bathroom. Thankfully by working at a college we have nursing faculty that followed me into the restroom to make sure everything was ok. All day after that everyone I saw asked if I was ok. lol I was fine but I called the doctor office just to be sure and they said it was normal and to try a humidifier at home to see if that would help.

Anyway that was just a quick update until next week.