Thursday, August 11, 2011

27 Weeks and Dr. Appt

Today I am 27 weeks pregnant which is the beginning of the 7th month and 3rd trimester. I’m in the home stretch. Some symptoms I have been having are heart palpitations, tiredness, and round ligament pain mostly on the right side. I also have been very itchy on the stomach from the stretching. I’m looking very pregnant but still have 3 months to go! Here is a picture of me from a few days ago.

So I had a doctor checkup today and glucose test. I didn't get the results of the test and I'm not even sure they tested me. lol I got to take the drink home with me so I could drink it before I went in today. Well I drank it at 10:30am and my appointment was at 11:00am. I told them at 11:15 it had been an hour and she said she would find the nurse. Well they finally called me back at 11:30am and had me do the urine test. I was thinking that was all they had to do for the test but after I got back to work I looked it up and they were supposed to take blood for it.

So I ended up calling them and confirmed that they were supposed to take blood for the test. Looks like I have to drink that drink again on Friday.

Besides that my appointment went well. My blood pressure is still good and the baby's heartbeat sounds great. I am up to 209lbs now and growing. They talked with me about NST (non stress tests) for the baby. She said they would probably begin those when I'm 32 weeks so only 5 more weeks to go before I start those every week! We also talked about me taking some kind of anti-depressant since I am having days where I don't feel that great. I have had a few breakdowns over the past couple weeks. This is probably due to a constant headache, being tired, and the stress of Brinley's 1st angelversary coming up next week. I am trying to cut soda out of my diet and am currently on day 5 of not have a drink so I think that is the cause of my headaches.

Anyway it came down to them going ahead and submitting a subscription for some anti-depressants but I think I'm going to focus on my diet and working out a little more to see if that helps me get through. I really don't want to take the meds because even though she said there would be no risk to the baby I would have to take them for a while before they are fully effective then when I want to stop them I would have to be weaned off of them.

According to Baby Center she should be about 2lbs in weight and 14 1/2 inches long. You can read more about this week here:

I've finally reached the time when I start going every two weeks so my next appointment is scheduled for Aug 24th. Glad they are getting closer. Only 13 more weeks to go!

---Forgot to mention before that my fundus is measuring 28cm which is great!