Wednesday, August 24, 2011

29 Weeks

I'm 29 weeks along today! I realized the other day that my earlier post titled 10 weeks to go was inaccurate which doesn't surprise me because my math skills are not good. It should have read 11 weeks to go but in reality it is more like 10 weeks since I am going to be induced before my due date.

Anyway back to my day. It started with having to fast for my glucose test at 8am. On my way into the doctor office I had to move out the way for a cop to get by then while sitting at a stop light the lady behind me rolled into my car. We pulled over to check for damage but there was none. It wasn't a bad hit, I think she just took her foot of the brake and rolled into the back of me. We hugged and she said she was sorry. On to my glucose test now.

I arrived and they took me back and took blood for a base number before I drank the liquid. I chose the Orange drink again but this time it was a full bottle instead of the half bottle. After an hour they took another vile of blood. While waiting I got a text from a fellow BLM who was expecting her rainbow saying that she was being induced today! So excited for her!

Well the process continued for another 2 hours. They took a vile of blood each hour so I ended up getting blood drawn from each arm 2 times. While I was there I watched a couple of movies on my iPad which helped the time go by faster. Ready to eat when I got done I went back to work for a few to wait on my coworker to go grab a bite to eat.

By the time I got off of work the BLM had her rainbow baby. She weighed 5lbs 14oz and was 20.5in long! So happy for her and her family. That was the 2nd rainbow to be born over the past day in the Rainbow Room which seems to be a recurring theme in there!

My doctor appointment was scheduled for 5:30pm so I stayed at work until it was time to go to my appointment. My mom was able to meet me there today since Mark couldn't go.

Blood Pressure - 168/20 (Good)
Weight - 210lbs (Still gaining)
Fundus Height - Forgot to get this number
Little Bird's HB - 168 (Great)
My HB - 146 - It was high and I told them I was still having heart palpitations so I am going to see a cardiologist and have a 24hr EKG done to check my heart.

I also told the nurse I have been having a lot of headaches but never did talk to the doctor about them.

Love my doctor by the way. She said I could come in to be checked everyday and it wouldn't bother them. She knows that this is a very stressful time for me and wanted to let me know if I need anything to let them know. We talked about when I will start my non-stress tests which will be about 33 weeks. Possibly checking the baby's fluid and keeping a close eye on me over the next few months.

I asked if she got Brinley's picture I dropped off for her and we talked a little about her. I told her that I would be available to talk with future people who loss their baby if they wanted to give them my name. She seemed very happy about that and said she would mention it to the nurse who is in charge of that.

Last we talked about inducing me and what my options are. She was very adamant that we weren't going to let me go to my due date which is fine with me. So it is looking like I will be induced about the 1st of November so Little Bird's birthday could be 11/1/11.

Oh yeah... almost forgot. I won't have my glucose results back until sometime next week. 

There was a lot talked about today so I hope I'm not forgetting anything. My next appointment is scheduled for Sep 7th which is hubby's birthday. Then I start non-stress tests probably the following week or two. I'm so excited the end is near. Hoping everything goes well over the next couple months.