Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother to two + 1

Today is Mother's Day. As I sit here writing this I am a mother to an angel, Brinley Nicole Moore, and to the life that is growing inside of me, Little Bird. I am also a step-mother to my husband's daughter who lives with us. Four years ago I became a step-mother and although I have been helping to raise her I haven't really felt like a mother or felt that I deserved to be told Happy Mother's Day simply because of this. Then last year I was pregnant with Brinley over Mother's Day so I considered that my first official Mother's Day. This year I am without my baby and am pregnant once again. It is a little strange to know that I should have an eight month old here with me today but all I have are empty arms. I look forward to the day I finally get to hold my baby.

So anyway I didn't intend for this post to go down the Brinley road but the fact is that Brinley and Little Bird are connected and so from time to time the two blogs will merge. I have so much love for both Brinley and for the life growing inside of me. I want to go hear Little Bird's heartbeat today but am afraid to listen to it today in case it isn't there it would ruin this special day so I will wait till tomorrow.

Last year I had found out the sex of Brinley just before Mother's Day. I won't find out the sex of Little Bird until May 28th. I have an appointment with the 3D imaging place for a gender verification. So I'm posting a poll to see what everyone thinks this baby will be... go post your vote on the side bar!

Happy Mother's Day!