Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dr visit today (15 w 1d)

Summary of below... went to doctor and everything was fine except for a little infection that I have medicine for.

**Warning may be TMI (To much information)**

So yesterday I had a pain in my abdomen when I went to turn over in bed but it went away pretty quick. Later that day I had some blood when I went to the bathroom but it was only that one time. I called the doctor and they scheduled me to come in today instead of my appointment I had scheduled for next Monday. After I got home I pulled out the dopplor and found the baby's heartbeat so I knew the baby was alright. I actually got a reading to come up for the first time which had the baby's heartbeat just over 150 bpm.

So today we went and first thing the nurse did was check for the heartbeat and it was there, good and strong. She didn't tell me how fast it was but she did point out when there was a kick while she checked it. This nurse, Patty, is great. She was so wonderful after I had Brinley and I was happy to have her today. She did tell me I could come by anytime I was nervous or having a bad day to hear the heartbeat. This made me cry a little because she was the first person to tell me this. I probably won't since I can listen from home but it was nice to know I could walk in and ask for her at anytime. I love that nurse!

So she checked everything out on me and said it was all good. Nothing to worry about. I had to meet with the doctor so the could check me out down there because of the bleeding. The doctor said my cervix was longer and thick which is supposed to be good but she was concerned about some irritation she could see so she checked that out. Turns out I have a yeast infection which is pretty common during pregnancy so I have some medicine I have to take.

**End of warning** 

I have been really emotional the last couple of weeks. Crying at almost everything, commercials, nothing to wear, and the way the sun is shining or nothing at all. I hate feeling like I have to cry and not knowing why.

My other symptoms have subsided so I'm feeling much better and not as tired.

My next appointment is scheduled for the 28th with the 3D ultrasound people then another month for my doctor appointment.

This week the baby's eyelids are still fused shut but he/she should be able to detect light if I shine a flashlight at my tummy.