Friday, April 29, 2011

11 Weeks 5 Days checkup

Well last Monday was my monthly checkup at the doctor's. My husband has been coming with me to my appointments so far but today he said he wasn't going to be able to make it so I asked my friend from work to go. My appointment was at 2:15 and about 1:30 I had a missed call from my husband so I called him back and he said he could make it after all. I was very glad he was able to come since I like for him to be at all of the appointments for support.

Shortly after I arrived they called me back and had me pee in a cup as usual. She then checked my weight, 200 lbs, and my blood pressure, 116/20, I think I can't really remember but it was good. After asking me the general questions she told me that all of my blood tests came back fine so there was nothing to be concerned about. She asked if I was interested in getting a blood test done that may or may not show some problem with the baby. Basically you take the blood test and the results are either positive or negative for something but that doesn't mean that the baby does or doesn't have that something wrong with them. I figured it would just cause me more stress and not really be useful in any way so I decided not to do it.

After I was done talking with the nurse I went to the office where Mark was and we hung out until the nurse came in to try and listen to the heartbeat. As I was only 11 weeks and 5 days I knew it was possible to hear it but there was still a chance we might not be able to hear it. The nurse had a hard time finding the HB so after what seemed like a long time I expected her to say maybe next time but she got another nurse to come in and try. This nurse came in and found it right away. Little bird's HB was 160 again. Yay!

After the nurses left we waited for the doctor to show up. This time I met with Dr. Washington who is the same doctor that delivered Brinley. She is a very nice lady and she has somewhat of an accent so it is hard to understand her sometimes but I like her. When she came in she said, "Wow that was fast!". We spoke with her for a little while about how things were going with the pregnancy and any concerns that she may have. She said that instead of when I get to 30 weeks we will wait until I'm 34 weeks to have me come in for the non-stress tests every week. She also said when I reached 39 weeks and if everything was still looking good with the baby that we may go ahead and induce me so that means I would have the baby the week of Nov 2nd - 8th. I'm almost hoping to have my baby on Halloween!

Now that I am 12 weeks I tried the home Doppler the other day and couldn't find the HB but Mark came in and found it almost immediately but we weren't able to get a reading of how strong it was on the Doppler.

So everything is looking good with this pregnancy so far! Nothing to worry about from the blood work I've had done and the baby's HB is still looking good.