Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Breastfeeding news

There is a new documentary out about donating breast milk called Donor Milk. Currently they are only showing it in Indiana but hopefully they will put a DVD out soon. I can't wait to watch it. They talk about donating milk but they also talk to women who have had a loss and still donate their milk.

This is something that I wish I had thought of or been informed about after my loss. I think it would have helped me at the time. I wasn't able to breastfeed my first daughter but giving my milk to other babies that needed it would have been good for my soul.

Then today I came across this article about how choosing to bottle feed can elicit the same feelings as having a loss in the mother. If this is true I wonder if pumping my milk and donating it would have been better for me emotionally than just binding and stopping the milk.

I understand that some women out there can not breastfeed but for others that choose not to or are ill informed this is important information and another great reason to breastfeed. As I sit here loathing that I have to pump yet again to provide milk to my daughter, I am reminded why I have done it this long and will continue to provide the best possible nutrients to her as long as I still can.