Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ragababe purchasing

Ragababe Diapers seem to be the new hot thing in the cloth diaper world. These diapers are made in the USA by a WAHM (work at home mom). She only stocks the diapers online Mondays starting at 10 am CDT  until sold out, which for the east coast where I live is 11am. In order to score one of these hot commodities you have to be quick with the refreshing and clicking or else you lose out. 

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So I tried my first go at it. Here is how it went...


I'm pretty tech savvy so I thought no sweat, I can score one of these dipes.
I opened two windows (one for each design of diaper I wanted). When stocking began, around 11am, I started refreshing my page. I'm going for the Aqua AIO. I REALLY wanted that color. While diapers are in stock the text for that diaper is yellow. When it is out of stock it changes back to black. So I'm refreshing the page like a crazy person for 20 minutes when all the sudden there is a drop down menu. I jump on the chance to choose my size (medium is the only option) and select the overlap strip because my baby has a skinny waist. The next screen I have already lost my diaper from my shopping cart!! How is this possible? So back to refreshing like a crazy person... After a few more minutes I happen across the coveted dropdown menu again.I skip the overlap strip this time in order to save time and not lose another diaper. I get to the information page and fill out my info then realize I have a login already so I login. All this time I still have my diaper!! Yay! Maybe I did it right this time...So I switch to the other screen (Daisy AIO) and start refreshing like a lunatic. Not long after this the text turns to black which means that ALL the diapers have been sold now. Whew!!! That was the most intense 40 minutes I've experienced since giving birth. So I go to checkout and realize that I have lost my second diaper from my shopping cart!!! (((Insert expletives here)))

So I am bummed about losing two diapers I almost had. I jumped over to the FB page and got on the overflow list for each diaper. I may still have a chance at getting one this way but where is the fun in that. lol
So here are my tips for newbies....
Depending on the size available this text
will be in yellow instead of black while
diapers are still in stock.

  1. When you go to the Ragababe website during purchasing time (Mondays between 11am EST)  go ahead and LOGIN. 
  2. Open a window for each diaper you want to purchase. You have to go to the actual page for the diaper that is being stocked. This information will be posted on the main page. Once stocking time hits start refreshing the page. You can do this by pressing the F5 button on the keyboard. 
  3. You will know that stocking has begun because the size being stocked will be in yellow instead of black. You will need to watch for the dropdown box to appear at the bottom of the page. The picture below is what it looks like before the dropdown box appears. 
  4. Once you see the dropdown box you have to be quick in choosing the size and clicking the add to cart button. Then be sure you CHECKOUT QUICKLY!! (I lost two diapers because I didn't check out quick enough) 
  5. If you want to try and get another diaper I think you can switch over to the other screen and refresh it quick then the dropdown box should appear so you can add it to the cart also. Then CHECKOUT QUICKLY. I haven't tried this yet so I am not sure it works. 

  6. This text changes to a dropdown menu when the diapers
    are stocked. Be quick with the checkout or you will lose it.

    Check out Ragababe's FB page for insider info.

    For more help you can join the FB group RagaChat

    Or you can join the RagaMarket FB group for trading and buying used.