Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Food for baby

Just a few notes about my milk and breastfeeding experiences. At first we did great, my colostrum was enough to keep you happy in the first few days of your little life. By day three my colostrum had dried up and my regular milk had not come in but I still tried to BF you. In the meantime we also gave you formula because you had jaundice and had to eat in order to move it out of your little system. I was so upset that my milk had not come in. It took 4 days for my milk to finally come in. It only came in after trying to BF you and then pumping nothing for 15 minutes at a time every few hours while someone else fed you formula.

Ever since we have been trying to get to a strictly BF relationship. I have supplemented off and on with Isomil Soy Milk. There was a point where my nipples were on fire and hurt around the clock because of thrush, luckily you never showed symptoms but I defiantly hurt from it. I couldn't feed you because it hurt too much so we gave you formula and I would pump and give that to you. I got a prescription from the doctor that didn't seem to help then I tried Gentian Violet which stains everything it comes into contact with purple it worked.

Here you are my little purple people eater. <3

Then there was our trip to Ohio over Christmas where we were in the car for many many hours and taking you out to BF was just not an option. Since I didn't have any milk pumped we gave you formula again and I would BF when we stopped. We also gave you formula because your BMs weren't regular and you were really fussy and gassy so we figured it was something in my milk that upset you. We switched a full day of breast-milk for formula and you seemed so much happier which was hard on me. I wanted my milk to be best but it appeared that it was not.

I was determined to get back to just breast-milk so we slowly weaned you off the formula and now here we are at 2 months of strictly breastmilk and you seem to be doing better with the gas and BMs. You would go several days in between a BM but now it has only been a day or two between. You would get really fussy when you haven't went in a while and I feel like it is something that I am eating that causes you so much pain.

Looking back I now think that the combination of breast-milk and formula may have been causing you all that pain. You are doing so much better now that you are drinking strictly breast-milk. I pump everyday at work so you can drink that at daycare.

BF is hard in the beginning but it is what is best for your little growing body and I'm happy to say we are doing good right now.

You are getting close to starting solids. At that point I will be making your baby food for you. I have been learning all about my Baby Bullet food processor and how to store your food.

Just another month and a half to go!

Love you my lil bit/bubbles/pumpkin!!